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Hair Braiding Salon & Salon near me

Braids are all the rage right now especially in Gretna, LA, and the surrounding areas. They are not only attractive, but also a great way to show pride in your cultural background. 

If you’ve searched for ‘salon near me’ or ‘hair braiding salon’ you’re in luck. Delaline Afro Braiding and Extensions serves Gretna, Metairie, New Orleans and the surrounding areas. I am a leader in the art of hair braiding. I am also a skilled stylist with years of experience in braiding. I apply a wide variety of products and techniques to not only help my clients change their look for the better but also enhance the health of their hair and scalp. 

Hair braiding is nothing like it used to be. There are new products and techniques flooding the market every day. However, not every product or technique is good for everyone. I provide personalized services to ensure that my clients only use products are techniques that suit their hair type and personal goals.
I take the time to get to know my clients. This is about much more than making conversation and passing the time. It ensures that I can provide you with personalized services that will make your experience better and your results even greater. 

No hairstyle is too complex or too simple for me. I will ensure that you get the best results no matter the look you’re after. I have extensive experience working with different hair types, and clients of all ages. I provide personalized services whether it is for your son, daughter, husband or wife. I strive to ensure that my clients have only good things to say at the end of the session. 

Get in touch with me if you want the best hair services. I will ensure that you get first-rate services and great results. You can trust my longstanding reputation.

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