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Professional Braiders & Hair Salon

Tired of having the same look? Do you want to change your look? You don’t have to go far to find professional braiders. Delaline Afro Braiding and Extensions is a leader in braiding and extensions in Metairie, LA. 

I am a skilled stylist with years of experience in braiding hair. I apply unique techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for great results. I also apply modern techniques based on research to ensure the health of your hair. 

I consider braiding one of the greatest art forms there is when it comes to hair styling. Many consider me a braiding artist. It doesn’t matter what type of hairstyle you want; I have the skills to execute it and ensure that your look changes for the better. I am able to execute even the most complex braiding styles. 

Confused over what style to choose? Don’t fret. You can rely on my expertise to provide you with the guidance you need to make the best decision regarding your hair. I stock a wide variety of hair products that you can choose from for your hairstyle. I am also skilled in a wide variety of techniques to ensure that you can have your dream hairdo. 

If you’re in Metairie, New Orleans, Gretna or the surrounding areas and are looking for a hair salon that caters to varying age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and hair types, you should get in touch with me. It doesn’t matter whether you want cornrows for your kids, twists for your spouse, or Fulani braids for yourself, I can get them done. 


I pride myself on being efficient and fast. You won’t spend hours at the salon getting your hair done. You’ll get your results in the shortest time possible. Get in touch with me today to book an appointment.

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